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Tailor-Made Solutions / Angepasste Lösungen

After starting my working-life as a co-founder of my father's start-up engineering consulting firm (Tank Industry Consultants, Inc.), I joined Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan in 1989. In 1995 I moved to Ford of Europe in Cologne, Germany. After several different roles in Chassis Engineering, Vehicle Development and Program Launch, I had the opportunity to serve in Chief Engineer / Director roles:

  • Vehicle/Chassis/Quality Chief Engineer for Ford South America (Camaçari, Brazil)

  • Product Development Quality Director for Ford of Europe (Cologne, Germany)

  • Global Suspension and Frame Chief Engineer (based in Cologne, Germany)

In my last role (2011-2019), I was responsible for a global team of nearly 400 people scattered around the globe in 10 PD centers, who released parts worth $4.4 billion in annual turnover.​

In 2019 I founded KNOY-CONSULTING to use my experience to help other companies, especially start-ups (whether entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial) with their strategies, product development and quality processes and leadership development.


My passion is to serve companies that are experiencing growth or looking for growth opportunities, to help them put the right type of structures and processes in place to enable a robust business, as well as to develop their leadership to be up for the task.


My method of operating is to engage with the team / enterprise and leverage my experience and further learning to

  • understand needs

  • develop plans and checkpoints

  • follow-up at checkpoints and

  • modify plans as necessary 

My experience is that these plans need to be tailor-made to the enterprise and situation.

I speak German fluently and some Portuguese.

Ich spreche auch Deutsch, und würde mich über deutsche Kontakte freuen.

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